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Do Both Spouses Have to File Bankruptcy?

One confusing element that deters individuals and couples from pursuing the benefits of bankruptcy protection is the often-asked question, “Do both spouses have to file bankruptcy?” A commonly believed myth is that a married person cannot file for bankruptcy without filing jointly with his or her spouse. The truth is, individuals can file for bankruptcy without the participation of their spouse.

It is important to note that bankruptcy is a strong and effective debt relief tool. The knowledge and experience of your lawyer, however, will have an enormous impact on how your bankruptcy is handled. For married couples it is important to evaluate the fine details concerning who is contractually responsible for each individual debt, especially for couples who plan to remain married. For spouses who plan to divorce, our experienced family law and bankruptcy lawyers can help you to make informed choices about how unmanageable debt should be handled in bankruptcy.

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At the Cincinnati, Ohio, bankruptcy law firm of Minnillo & Jenkins, we provide the legal counsel needed to make informed, advantageous decisions regarding the filing of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Firm partners Chris Jenkins and Paul Minnillo have a combined 30 years of bankruptcy and litigation experience, and have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases.

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Each bankruptcy case differs from the next and needs to be personalized and tailored to the facts and circumstances of each case. Is the bulk of your property owned jointly by you and your spouse as marital property? Do either of you have separate property? Is one spouse interested in filing for bankruptcy while the other is anxious to avoid it? We can help you make strategic decisions.

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