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Some people in severe financial distress worry about how bankruptcy will impact other parts of their lives. Some people fear that filing bankruptcy will bring shame or dishonor to their families. In the vast majority of cases, these fears are unfounded. Tens of millions of Americans have discharged their debts in the bankruptcy process. Most people who file bankruptcy do so because of an illness, injury, the loss of a job or other unforeseen event.

At Minnillo Law Group Co., LPA, we are a reliable source of legal counsel for people across Ohio in bankruptcy. Our lawyers are here to answer questions and give reliable advice on the various issues associated with bankruptcy. One question our clients often have is whether their employers can take action against them if they file for bankruptcy.

The short answer to this question is no. If you are currently employed, filing for bankruptcy should not change your employment status. Under the bankruptcy laws, private and public employers are barred from terminating or discriminating against an employee solely because he or she filed for bankruptcy. Public employers (i.e. governmental agencies) cannot discriminate against a job applicant because he or she previous filed for bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, private employers are within their rights to refuse to hire someone who has filed bankruptcy. While many employers do not discriminate on the basis of bankruptcy, many courts have allowed employers to refuse to hire people who have filed bankruptcy in the past. Our law firm is prepared to discuss your situation and help you learn about your rights under the law, and whether or not bankruptcy will hinder your employment prospects.

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